Friday, October 5, 2007

College Track 2

The Alaska College Track project began in 2004 as a follow up to a national PBS series. At that time, producer Katie Bausler visited with rural Southeast Alaskans transitioning between high school and the rest of their lives. The original Alaska College Track program featured young Alaskans with big plans for a college education.

The new documentary, Alaska College Track 2, catches up with these students at UAS, UAA and UAF in 2007 and tells the story of students making their way through the University system. Amanda, Duain and Marita face remedial classes, financial hardship and personal tragedy. Support systems and cultural identity help them stay in college despite challenges. Alaska College Track 2 will have its premiere broadcast over the public television stations in Alaska this month.

Before the first broadcast 360 North, in conjunction with the University of Alaska Southeast, will hold a public screening followed by a panel discussion that includes a question and answer session with the audience. This entire event, held at the Egan Library at UAS in Juneau, will be recorded for broadcast on 360 North.

This production characterizes a good example of how Alaska public television programs can be augmented by longer form, public affairs treatments of their subjects. The College Track 2 program can be broadcast in the future as a stand-alone documentary and also air with its companion "town meeting" program that takes a closer at the topic with experts, students and the public.

Alaska College Track 2 Screening followed by audience Q and A with panel
UAS Egan Lecture Hall, Wednesday, October 17, 2007 7-9 p.m.

Alaska College Track 2 Broadcast:
October 18, 9 pm, on AlaskaOne Public Television stations
October 22, 9 pm, on KAKM-Anchorage

Alaska College Track 2 Broadcast--documentary and "town meeting" follow-up
in December on 360 North

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