Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bristol Bay Fisheries Films

Three independent documentary films about fishing in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska have been licensed for broadcast on 360 North.

Caught in Bristol Bay

Making Waves

Reds & Blues in Bristol Bay

Caught in Bristol Bay explores the heyday of the salmon fishery in the region. Making Waves looks at womens roles in the fishery and highlights female captains. The third program in this 'fisheries trilogy' looks at the downturn in the industry after the 1990's and how it affected people who worked in and counted on fishing as a way of life. The unique connection between the programs is that they were produced over the course of a decade and bring a long-term dedication to understanding the subject.

Producer Donald Blank, a New Yorker, is also known for his work on films in other parts of the country. The broadcast of these three half-hour programs as a 90-minute special on 360 North will bring an outsiders perspective of this very Alaskan way of life.

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