Thursday, November 29, 2007

On the Web

There is now a quick link to the 360 North program schedule and the web stream from the KTOO web site.

New Program Schedule Begins

Starting this evening the new 360 North program schedule will begin evolving on the air. Over the next week many programs and series will begin broadcast. Some are brand new to television. Several are new to television in Alaska. Many are new to 360 North.

On Monday, December 3, we begin our regular daily and weekly schedule. Leading up to that time, previews of our new programs will fill the schedule.

New programs specifically for 360 North beginning over the next week include...

-The Alaska Film Archives Television Series
-Discovering Alaska
-The Alaska Short Forum
-Science for Alaska

New programs for Alaska viewers premiering this week...

-Northwest Indian News
-Native Report
-Freedom Files
-New Flyfisher
-Heavy Sedation
-Small Business School
-and four new Documentaries

Great Alaska programs starting on 360 North this week...

-Angling Alaska
-Alaska Magazine TV
-Evening at Egan Lectures
-Heartbeat Alaska
-Alaska Resource Issues Forum

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Detailed Program Listings

What's on?

Now, when you want to know what's on 360 North, it's easy to find out. Our detailed listings are being distributed by television data companies and available on the internet.

Right now the easiest way to look at the program lineup is by going to the KTOO web site:

Following this link you can see what is on 360 North and AlaskaOne.

We have also entered into agreements with Tribune Media Services and TVGuide to provide data services. Soon, program information for 360 North will be on several other web sites and provided to newspapers throughout Alaska.

You can go to the Tribune Media Services site zap2it and see the 360 North listings for Juneau where we are on GCI cable channel 18. will also be listing 360 North. You can now search by location for Juneau and find 360 North. We are working to be listed statewide and provide on-screen detailed listings on GCI Cable by early December.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Many friends of the new 360 North channel have overwhelmed us with their support, congratulations and wishes for success. Senator Murkowski has just sent a video message to the 360 North audience which we will be sharing with viewers soon.

Other video clips we are preparing for broadcast include those from University of Alaska president Mark Hamilton, CPB president Pat Harrison, KTUU News Director John Tracy and the hosts of some of the new series that will be premiering in Alaska on 360 North.

When the new program lineup starts to air over the next weeks, watch for these and other guest appearances from interesting and recognizable personalities as they participate in the beginning of the 360 North service.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Juneau Empire Story About 360 NORTH

Juneau group behind new TV series of short films

The Juneau Empire ran a nice article today about the partnership between those creating the new Alaska Short Forum series and 360 North. It describes the series, announces the broadcast and calls for submissions.

The following link will take you to the story in the on-line version of the Juneau Empire if you would like to read it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Archives Series Begins in December

The Alaska Film Archives Television Series begins airing on Friday, December 7. The programs premier each week on Friday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. They repeat over the following weekend and again on Monday during the day.

Topics for episodes of Alaska Review scheduled for December include:

-Oil Money
-Bunker Crude Oil Spill

-Coping with the Cold
-Haines Logging vs. Eagles

-Inupiat Subsistence vs. the Government:

-Airplane Safety
-Cameras in Court

These first programs were originally produced between 1977 and 1980. They provide an interesting historical view of the issues and are, in many cases, relevant to current events. It is also fun to see who "pops up" on screen looking thirty years younger.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Permanent Fund Corporation Board Annual Meeting

When the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) board held its annual meeting in Fairbanks, 360 North was there to record the event. The meeting will air on November 19. Above, John Kelly records the proceedings at the Fairbanks Princess Hotel.

A 360 North crew will be on hand for the next meeting of the board in Anchorage in December, and in Juneau during their February meeting. As 360 North expands its on-air offerings this type of extended, long-format public affairs programming will increase as Gavel to Gavel Alaska Specials. These specials will run both during the Gavel to Gavel Alaska legislative coverage, and continue throughout the year.

APFC Annual Meeting Broadcast Schedule:
-Monday, November 19 - 12 noon until 11 pm.
-Wednesday, November 28 - 8 am until 6 pm. (repeat)
*Dates will vary only in the event of live legislative coverage.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Legere Named Broadcaster of the Year

Bill Legere, Capital Community Broadcasting, Inc., president and general manager, was named 2007 Alaska Broadcaster of the Year by the Alaska Broadcasters Association (ABA). The announcement was made at the ABA annual convention on November 2.

Legere oversees 360 North, Gavel to Gavel Alaska, KTOO-TV, KTOO-FM, KRNN-FM and KXLL-FM, headquartered in Juneau.

Selection for the Broadcaster of the Year is made through a nomination process among ABA members. Guidelines require that the Broadcaster of the Year be an individual who has made a significant contribution to the broadcasting industry thereby benefiting all Alaskan broadcasters and their community or by enhancing the image of broadcasters through exceptional community service over the past year.

Legere has served on the ABA board of directors since 2002 and is currently President of the association. His broadcasting career in Alaska began at KFSK in Petersburg in 1980. In 1985 he was named radio manager at KTOO-FM. In 1991 he became president and general manager of KTOO-FM and TV.

More information about the ABA convention, the 2007 awards and previous winners can be found at

More World Affairs Council Events

With one World Affairs Council event recorded and being prepared for broadcast it seemed natural to move forward and work toward piloting the series with at least three programs. Their event tonight in Juneau will be shot and packaged with the previous program for air later this winter.

Gerard Baker
"US European Economic Relations"

Gerard Baker is the US Editor and columnist of Times of London. He joined in 2004 from the Financial Times, where he had spent over ten years as Tokyo correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief.

On November 20, 360 North will videotape a lecture by:

Ambassador Said T. Jawad

"Beyond the Headlines - Afganistan's Stability and Global Security."

Prior to his appointment as Ambassador, he served as the President’s Press Secretary, Chief of Staff as well as the Director of the Office of International Relations at the Presidential Palace. Ambassador Jawad (photo at left) has worked closely with President Karzai in formulating strategies, implementing policies, building national institutions and prioritizing reforms in Afghanistan. He also worked with the U.S. and Afghan military experts to help reform the Ministry of Defense and rebuild the Afghan National Army. Among his many accomplishments, he was instrumental in drafting Afghanistan’s foreign investment laws and also served as President Karzai’s principal liaison with the constitutional commission during the process of the drafting of Afghanistan’s new constitution.

We hope that these initial World Affairs Council programs will help lead to a permanent arrangement for many future presentations to come. The reality of working on a demonstration project that is funded by grant money, like the start-up of 360 North, is that everything will have to eventually be sustainable for the long term. We hope to find underwriters or partners in the future to help defray the costs of production of programs like the World Affairs Council events.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

After the special session...

When the special session of the Alaska Legislature concludes, 360 North will begin presenting its full schedule of programming. There are some great shows with a wide range of subjects and some new programs and series that will be premiering in December.

Immediately after the Alaska legislative coverage ends, there are several Gavel to Gavel Alaska Special Presentations coming to 360 North viewers. They are all long-format public affairs programming at its best.

Through collaboration with the National Association of Public Affairs Networks, 360 North has access to extensive coverage of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Annual Conference that took place this fall in Boston. Sessions that will be broadcast on 360 North include:

-Building the Energy Grid
-Health Care Reform Challenge
-The Traditional School Day
-Climate Change
-Early Education
-End of Life Care
-Property Tax Reform
-Separation of Powers
-New Media
-Immigration Reform
-Public Affairs Networks
-Ben Franklin

Also during the week after the special session we will present fifteen different public presentations made possible by our partnership with the University of Alaska Southeast. The UAS Spring Forum 2007 - Sustaining Culture, Community and Environment brought together many interesting people in the humanities. Subjects highlighted in the 360 North broadcasts include:

-Robert Bly, Poet
-Sustaining Culture Through the Arts
-The International Polar Year, The Latest Science
-Sustaining Southeast Alaskan Languages
-Sustaining First Nation languages
-In the Moment: Capturing the Spirit of Community
-Valuing Parks and Nature
-Sustaining Business and Eco-Entrepreneurs
-Meeting Environmental Challenges Through Local Government
-The Sustainable University