Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Detailed Program Listings

What's on?

Now, when you want to know what's on 360 North, it's easy to find out. Our detailed listings are being distributed by television data companies and available on the internet.

Right now the easiest way to look at the program lineup is by going to the KTOO web site:


Following this link you can see what is on 360 North and AlaskaOne.

We have also entered into agreements with Tribune Media Services and TVGuide to provide data services. Soon, program information for 360 North will be on several other web sites and provided to newspapers throughout Alaska.

You can go to the Tribune Media Services site zap2it and see the 360 North listings for Juneau where we are on GCI cable channel 18.

TVGuide.com will also be listing 360 North. You can now search by location for Juneau and find 360 North. We are working to be listed statewide and provide on-screen detailed listings on GCI Cable by early December.

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