Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Program Schedule Begins

Starting this evening the new 360 North program schedule will begin evolving on the air. Over the next week many programs and series will begin broadcast. Some are brand new to television. Several are new to television in Alaska. Many are new to 360 North.

On Monday, December 3, we begin our regular daily and weekly schedule. Leading up to that time, previews of our new programs will fill the schedule.

New programs specifically for 360 North beginning over the next week include...

-The Alaska Film Archives Television Series
-Discovering Alaska
-The Alaska Short Forum
-Science for Alaska

New programs for Alaska viewers premiering this week...

-Northwest Indian News
-Native Report
-Freedom Files
-New Flyfisher
-Heavy Sedation
-Small Business School
-and four new Documentaries

Great Alaska programs starting on 360 North this week...

-Angling Alaska
-Alaska Magazine TV
-Evening at Egan Lectures
-Heartbeat Alaska
-Alaska Resource Issues Forum


Zar said...

Sorry to be the first blogger and start it off on a negative bent. However, public television, needs to become computer platform agnostic. In particular, because this is a public access medium. Why an Ubuntu, Linux, Mac or other unix user can't have parity of access is difficult for me to understand.

For goodness sake, there are other streaming servers available and they are royalty free and they work on the Windows clients as well.

Please don't just accept that there aren't substitutes for the mainstream Windows platform. I can't reliably access Gavel to Gavel (360 North - not at all) with this closed technological platform. As such, I can't view this (I've heard from my friends about the terrific programing)wonderful programming source. Thank you.

zar said...

Now I'm the second blog to have another complaint. This uses Microsoft technology exclusively. I tried it on a Windows machine. The video and audio are choppy and unviewable and unlistenable. It may be my machine, Windows 2000, older pentium, nonetheless, why bother to provide this when it is unviewable for most folks?

This is crappy implementation of technology. Go back to the drawing board. Get h264 codec technology and put it on a non-Microsoft platform so real people can access the programming. Someone is wasting my time and resources.

Anonymous said...

Real People in Kake are getting this just fine on both satellite TV as well as streaming...thanks!