Monday, March 31, 2008


The Yup’ik people of Southwest Alaska meet the challenges of survival in the harsh subarctic environment through a sophisticated technology rooted in their close relationship to the land and the sea. Produced for the Anchorage Museum in conjunction with the major exhibition of the same name, this half hour program explores a sampling of the rich and ingenious variety of traditional Yup’ik tools, devices and clothing. [The exhibition is currently on display at the Anchorage Museum through the end of October, 2008]

Watch this unique new public television documentary produced by Mike Martz of KYUK.

Wednesday, April 16
9:00 pm

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We're Bringing You the World

Beginning on April 14, 360 North will be providing a nightly international newscast LIVE as it feeds from London.

With the help of public station WLIW-New York, well over 200 public stations across America broadcast the BBC World News. BBC World News provides viewers with a valuable alternative to American news broadcasts, offering an international perspective on the important news stories of the day, as they happen.

This newscast is produced with the respected tradition and integrity of the BBC, fulfilling its commitment to deliver the highest quality programming available anywhere in the world. BBC World News will be seen:

Monday thru Friday
7:oo pm

starting Monday, April 14

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Native Ways of Knowing

In 1995, Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley, Ph.D., wrote a book titled A Yupiaq World View: A Pathway to Ecology and Spirit. (Waveland Press) The book was based on research and writings he had done for his doctoral dissertation at the University of British Columbia. In the book, Kawagley provides an insider’s perspective on how the Yupiaq people of Southwest Alaska have continued to draw upon and adapt old and new ways to make sense of the world around them.

As a professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Oscar adapted this original work and much continued research into a course called Native Ways of Knowing. Working with KUAC-TV in Fairbanks, a semester-long telecourse was offered over the Alaska public television stations. Native Ways of Knowing was facilitated and broadcast using new technologies and included students from several Alaska sites through interactive video and audio connectivity.

The telecourse and television series Native Ways of Knowing looks at the intersection of diverse world views and knowledge systems through examples and illustrations by the instructor. Along with the students, Kawagley explores indigenous knowledge systems and how indigenous knowledge and Western science converge.

The series is not currently being offered as a course by television. The television programs, however, illustrate a very unique way of thinking for the 360 North audience and provide a valuable resource and interesting educational experience to viewers.

Native Ways of Knowing
Tuesday at 9:30 pm

starting March 18th

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Legislative Work Shifts Into High Gear

The legislature is starting to work seven days a week.... and so is the Gavel to Gavel Alaska production team.

With the new deadlines imposed by a ninety-day session, hearings and meetings are extending into the night and are being scheduled on the weekends. 360 North will continue to bring you all of the important meeting coverage people have come to expect from Gavel to Gavel Alaska. Live coverage will continue during the evenings and on Saturday and Sunday when the bodies meet. We will pre-empt the evening and weekend 360 North program line-up to accommodate this full coverage of the legislative proceedings as needed until the session adjourns.

Updated meeting and broadcast information can be found at

Friday, March 7, 2008

Northwest Indian News - Reporting from Alaska

360 North was excited to commit time in the broadcast schedule to bring NorthWest Indian News to viewers throughout Alaska. We are now equally excited that NWIN has committed to continued and increased coverage of Alaska stories and issues.

NWIN episode #26, which airs on March 25, will include the story "Alaskan PITAAS Program." NWIN reporter Morgan Howard, a Tlingit from Southeast Alaska, presents the problem of retaining Alaska Native school teachers. The feature includes several Southeast residents and is shot in Yakutat and at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau.

NWIN has covered Alaska in the past with other reports from Howard and Gene Tagaban. News Director for the series, Jim Browder, is a former Alaska television professional. Those strong ties to Alaska will pay off for 360 North viewers in 2008. "We have one feature story per month slated to be produced in Alaska or Northern B.C. throughout 2008 including stories about global warming and ANWR," according to Browder.

New episodes of NorthWest Indian News are produced monthy. The collection of recent NWIN episodes air weekly on Tuesday nights.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Alaska Report

Beginning March 21, The Alaska Report will again have a regularly scheduled broadcast time on 360 North.

FRIDAY NIGHT, 10:30 pm

The program will repeat overnight on Friday night after the initial airing then repeat on both Saturday and Sunday.

The Alaska Report has long been one way for our representatives in Washington, D.C. to keep Alaskans informed. The programs will be aired weekly in their entirety on 360 North.