Monday, October 29, 2007

Aadland Marketing to Provide Advertising Support

Aadland Marketing Group has been hired to provide advertising and media support for 360 North through the end of 2007. Although media production for 360 North remains in-house at KTOO, Gregory Galik, President of Aadland Marketing Group, has agreed to oversee creation of the initial media plan and provide consulting, analysis and media purchase services.

360 North is eager to work with Galik and the team at Aadland. They will bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to the promotion of our television service. Their unique background in the advertising world will help us get a lot of coverage with our limited ad budget.

"I am personally excited to work with you, and do what we can to get your promotional efforts underway. Alaskans need insightful and intelligent programming that can help them understand our State, its government, and people that make it all work." -Greg Galik

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