Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hays Research Group chosen for Audience Research

Hays Research Group was selected to conduct audience research during the launch and first broadcast season of 360 North.

A portion of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant funding for the demonstration project that has helped start 360 North was earmarked for use in audience research. Audience tracking is important to the 360 North project and analyzing its success over the first 18 months and beyond. To attempt to measure audience now, and over the next year, KTOO chose to select an Alaska public opinion research company to derive information about viewers. The objectives of the research are to:

•Determine the reach and impact of the channel.
•Aid with the on-going development of the program schedule.
•Support the search for continued funding.

To select the firm to conduct audience research for 360 North, KTOO prepared a competitive request for proposals that went to research and public opinion polling companies throughout the state. Focused research, both qualitative and quantitative, is planned by Hays Research Group who has been awarded the contract for these services. It will be done by the use of a combination of polling and focus groups in urban and rural Alaska.

The audience research will be done in three stages. The first is expected to begin during fall, 2007. Subsequent samples and research are scheduled to follow in winter and spring of 2008.
Anne Hays will direct the work for Hays Research Group that will begin in November.

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