Thursday, August 23, 2007

Discovering Alaska series - shooting complete

In May, 360 North began shooting a series of interesting Alaska lectures for broadcast. Working closely with University of Alaska Fairbanks Summer Sessions, nine events presented by creative Alaskans were videotaped. These writers, photographers and artists explain how their lives and their work has been inspired and influenced by the natural world.

Highlighted in the Discovering Alaska Lecture Series are:

Roger Kaye-pilot, author
Ken Whitten-wildlife biologist, photographer, woodworker
Carolyn Kremers-teacher, author, poet
Dennis Witmer-physicist,engineer, photographer
Marjorie Cole-novelist
Debbie Miller-author, environmental writer
Todd Sherman-teacher, artist
Susan Grace-singer, songwriter
Mike Sfraga-geographer, educator, author

The final lecture was shot last week, on August 15. All nine episodes are in the post-production stage which will conclude by the end of this month. These programs will make their premier on 360 North this fall.

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