Thursday, August 30, 2007

Alaska Sea Grant - 360 North Programming Partner

The Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program has become a 360 North partner. The mission of MAP describes it as, "...a statewide outreach and technical assistance program helping Alaskans wisely use, conserve, and enjoy Alaska's marine and coastal resources."

Sea Grant works to educate and inform Alaskans. 360 North believes in, and shares that mission, so we are teaming up with Sea Grant by broadcasting their popular and informative programs. Ready to air on 360 North are:

-Sea Lions, Fishermen and Fish
-Sharing the Seas: Alaska's CDQ Program
-Wolf Control in Alaska

-Alaska's Onshore/Offshore Tug of War
-Salmon Farming, Boom or Bust
-ANWR: Wilderness Oil Reserve.

360 North is excited to be able to work with the University of Alaska Fairbanks to bring these programs about Alaska's resources and marine issues to our viewers. We are working to plan future co-production projects with the Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program. We hope to tap into their strong research, education and public service background and help Alaskans learn more about, and involve themselves in dialog about the resources of their state.

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