Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Channels in Juneau!

360 North is now on Channel DTV3.2 in Juneau.

Beginning this week 360 North and AlaskaOne will be broadcast "over the air" in the Juneau area on new channels. The new service is part of the nationwide conversion to digital television, mandated by federal law. KTOO-TV’s main digital TV transmitter has been in operation since July, 2004.

KTOO-TV is now broadcasting on digital TV channel 3, and has also added digital TV service for Lemon Creek. PBS and Alaska One programming is available on DTV channel 3.1, while 360 North and Gavel to Gavel Alaska programming is on DTV channel 3.2.

Viewers outside of Juneau will not be affected by this change nor will those who watch by cable, DirecTV or Dish Network.

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