Monday, February 2, 2009

Miller Center Forums

The Miller Center Forum presents more than sixty speakers each year, drawn from high-ranking public officials and others involved in shaping public policy, from the academy, leading research institutions, and from journalists covering national and international events. Speakers address a wide range of issues including the current political environment, national security concerns, American history topics, timely international relations issues, and an expansive public policy agenda that includes health care, immigration, energy security, the environment, among many other themes.

Miller Center Forums are produced by Virginia Public TV and recorded at the University of Virginia. They are scheduled for broadcast on Wednesday nights on 360 North.

This week the program is Breathing The Fire with Kimberly Dozier of CBS News. Dozier is the victim of a roadside bomb attack in Baghdad. She discusses her story of survival, recovery and the challenges of covering the war in Iraq.

Wednesday at 9:00 pm

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