Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Eve 2008

Two NEW Programs Premier

Pamyua performs before an audience at the Ocean Celebration concert in Juneau. This event was sponsored by Turning the Tides and recorded by KTOO-TV.

Ocean Celebration Concert
9:00 pm

The program the Department of History doesn't want you to see!
He is known as the evil genius who created the Fly By Night Club's "Whale Fat Follies." Now he's at it again with "Alaska, the first 10,000 years." It's the hilarious story of Alaska's history from the earliest days of cavemen hitchhiking across the Bering Sea Land Bridge to Nowhere, through the gold rush and on to statehood.

Alaska: The First 10,000 Years
10:00 pm

December 31
Celebrate with 360 North!

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