Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Syd Wright's Alaska

Educator, fisherman, raconteur... Syd Wright served as Petersburg's unofficial historian, captivating visitors with his wit and eloquence.

Wrights vivid stories include descriptions of historic events, Tlingit culture, commercial fishing and the formation of the 49th state. He recounts his feelings about Alaska communities, the land, its creatures and its beauty.

This program is part of our series of John Sabella productions.

Syd Wright's Alaska
Thursday, November 20
9:00 pm

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Kerry Watson said...

What an excellent program! Would be a great pick for an intro. to an Alaska history class, or for those new to Southeast Alaska. My late parents would have loved this particular show as we lived in Petersburg for a time and they knew Syd Wright. Thank you 360 North for your exceptional programs.