Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Become a Member

360 North is a public broadcasting service. We don't sell advertising. Funding for public broadcasting in Alaska comes from various sources... including you, our viewers.

The greatest benefit of "joining the circle" is the Alaska programming you receive 24-hours a day throughout the year. 360 North provides more Alaska programing than any other television service. Our mission is to broadcast as much programming as possible about Alaska and of interest to Alaskans.

If you watch Gavel to Gavel Alaska or our many other government meetings and public affairs offerings please consider joining the 360 Circle to help support the programs you use.

If you enjoy Alaska documentaries and outdoor programs think about helping to keep 360 North on the air and continuing to thrive.

If you learn from the history programs or appreciate the programs that show the diversity of our state please consider supporting 360 North.

Members of the 360 Circle will be thanked on the air each week during prime-time (7-11 pm) for a year. See your name on the screen on statewide television along with other Alaskans who support 360 North.

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