Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Survey Results

Part of the grant funding that helped start 360 North was earmarked for audience research. Last fall we put out a request for proposals to Alaska companies looking for those who might like to take a shot at media research for 360 North.

Late in 2007 we hired Hays Research Group. Anne Hays has been wonderfully accommodating and crafted a plan to conduct three phone surveys and three focus groups on our limited budget. Two of the focus groups have been facilitated. One of those took place in Bethel and one, earlier this month, in Sitka. The third will soon be conducted in Anchorage.

The first statewide phone survey took place in January, right after we started 360 North. We reported some of those results when they were tabulated. The second phone survey was fielded two weeks ago. The most notable change from January to April was a marked increase in name recognition for both Gavel to Gavel Alaska and 360 North.

•360 North name recognition went from 17 percent to 22 percent during those three months. (+5%)

•Gavel to Gavel Alaska name recognition rose from 48 percent to 60 percent. (+11%)

Gavel to Gavel programming was the predominate block of programming on 360 North from Jan. 15 until April 13 because of the legislative session coverage.

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