Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In Memory of Tom Stewart

On Saturday, April 5, the people of Juneau will hold a Celebration of Life event to remember Judge Tom Stewart. Stewart was the secretary of the Alaska Constitutional Convention, a lawyer, member of the Territorial House, and a state senator. For years he was the director of the Alaska Court system and a superior court judge. A decorated soldier during World War II, Stewart dedicated almost his entire life to his family, Alaska and Juneau.

To help honor and remember this Alaska Statehood Pioneer, 360 North will provide statewide television coverage of the Celebration of Life program.

A Celebration of Life
Thomas B. Stewart

April 5, 1:00 pm (live) if legislative coverage permits
April 5, 8:00 pm (same day delayed)
April 6, 8:00 am (repeat)

From 8:00 pm on April 4, until the morning of April 6, 360 North will be broadcasting a number of public television programs in which Tom Stewart participated. This will help us all remember and celebrate the extensive and varied contribution he made to Alaska throughout his life.

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