Wednesday, February 6, 2008


No kidding! We have very special short programs highlighting McNeil River bears. These are spectacular multi-camera digital High Definition films that were shot over weeks during the 2007 salmon spawning season at this famous Alaska location. The footage was gathered as part of the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary Remote Video Project. has allowed 360 North to use their footage and edited stories of the bears and other animals in their natural and beautiful surroundings. The cameras were operated by remote control so the animals would not be unduly disturbed. All of the program material was donated to 360 North so our viewers could witness this wonderful annual event.

Everyone at KTOO who has worked to prepare the material for broadcast has been delighted with the beauty and uniqueness of "The Bears." The stories are fascinating vignettes of animal life on the river with natural sound. The many short programs that we have been allowed to use will run throughout the schedule.

Thanks to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation and Daniel Zatz for their cooperation and generous donation of this work. Zatz and his associates and family also film polar bears. There is much to be seen at the web site.

WATCH FOR BEARS! on 360 North.

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