Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tordenskjold: Boat of the Century

The historic halibut schooner Tordenskjold has steamed into her second century.

As she celebrates her centennial, she is neither relic nor museum piece. The Tordenskjold leads a small fleet of hard working commercial fishing schooners that compete head to head with modern boats on the Alaska fishing grounds.

The Tordenskjold was built in 1911 at John Strand’s Seattle boat yard. Today, there are about 20 of the schooners left, still setting and hauling longline gear in the Alaska halibut and black cod fisheries, and still generating profits and supporting family wage jobs. Now, John Sabella has released a 30-minute documentary that celebrates the old schooners and their extraordinary history.

Television Premiere

Sunday at 7:00 pm

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