Thursday, February 24, 2011


A two-hour Historical Documentary about The Alaska Statehood Movement.

Statehood! is the story of Alaskans’ fifty-year struggle for self government, taking on powerful national interests that were hauling away the Territory’s vast riches and leaving little for the well-being of its people. It’s an inspirational story of volunteerism and love of place that also shows how Democrats and Republicans overcame partisanship to achieve what was best for Alaska, and the nation, something worth noting in these contentious times.

Statehood! includes interviews with prominent Alaskans who have recently passed on, including Sen. Ted Stevens, Gov. Walter J. Hickel, journalist Bill Tobin, Judge Tom Stewart and economist, George Rogers. Statehood! was produced and directed by Larry Goldin of Aurora Films who has been making films in Alaska for thirty years, earning two National Emmy Award nominations and many film festival awards.

Tuesday, March 1
8:00 pm

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Tony said...

The video of the Alaska Statehood movement and the followup from it is very well done. It will keep your attention for the full two hours of its presentation.

Great job Larry Goldin!

Tony Strong