Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin - Republican Convention Coverage

Wednesday Convention Coverage on 360 North

We will be providing Republican National Convention coverage on Wednesday, September 3.
With the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, now nominated for Vice President on the Republican party ticket in the national election, 360 North will bring live coverage of the evening events that include the Palin address.

The broadcast from Minnesota is scheduled to kick off at 4 pm on Wednesday and last approximately three hours. We will bring that broadcast to Alaskans live. Then, we will present a selection of programs recounting the rise of Governor Palin from a collection of historical public television news events provided by 360 North's Gavel to Gavel Alaska.

Wednesday night will be full of Alaska public affairs programs about Governor Palin that will run for eight hours. See the most recent events LIVE from PBS, then view a little of the history behind the governorship of Alaska's governor-turned national candidate.

Wednesday, September 3
Live Convention - 4:00 pm
BBC World News - 7:00 pm
Palin Historical Broadcasts - 7:30 pm

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