Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thanks For Letting Us Know

We've heard from many different people from all around Alaska.

We really like getting comments and opinions from you.
Here's a small sample of recently received messages:

"I am very interested in the documentaries about commercial fishing." -Dillingham

"We're watching you now on the web." -Sitka

"I enjoyed the programs last night, Wild Neighbors and Grand Glaciers." -Anchorage

"Regarding Gavel to Gavel - I don't want to see any other programs aired during the legislative session except legislative meetings..." -Juneau

"I would like to see the Dhar Jamail lecture. I heard about it but don't know when it will be on again." - Juneau

"I would like more information about the Egan Lecture about technology and education... It was interesting." -web inquiry

"We love the channel. No ARCS satellite any more in Ruby so (we) miss this type of Alaska/Bush shows." -Ruby

"Can we get 360 North on DTV here?" -Big Lake

"The World Ocean Day coverage was great. I didn't get to see it all. When will it be on?" -Anchorage

"I watched the memorial service for Judge Tom Stewart. Thank you." -Juneau

"My compliments on 360 North. I love the history and I'm Native so I like to know more. Loved the show about how Alaska got started and want to see more history. Us seniors get together and watch. Keep up the good work." -phone message

Thanks. Keep those comments coming!
We answer them all.

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