Monday, May 19, 2008

Films from Albert Karvonen

360 North has reached an agreement with Karvonen Films to broadcast twenty wonderful natural history films.

Founded in
1976 by Albert Karvonen and his wife Pirkko, Karvonen Films has produced over 110 productions. With a keen eye for authenticity and biological accuracy, the Karvonen team has accumulated numerous international nominations and awards.

Dr. Karvonen worked with 360 North to select programs that might hold unique interest to Alaska viewers.

-Wild Encounters: Moose, Antlered Giants
-Island of the Kings
-Tale of the Beaver
-Great Northern Forest
-Land of the Ice Bear
-Circumpolar Bears
-Nomads of Yukon
-World of the Black Bear
-A Flight of Deer
-A Pageant of Grouse
-The Great Bears
-Passage of Migrants

-Country of the Muskox
-Denali: Land of the High One
-Owls at the Northern Edge
-Seadogs and Toothwalkers
-Mountain Sheep: Life on the Edge
-Caribou: Ghost of the North
-Mountain Goat: Lord of the High Country
-Wolves of Labrador

These wonderful programs will begin broadcast later this year as an ongoing weekly series on 360 North.

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