Wednesday, July 25, 2007


One of the priorities of 360 NORTH programming is to provide as much Alaska public affairs content as possible. To that end, two new Gavel to Gavel style production initiatives are scheduled or underway in order to increase the offering of public meeting coverage to public television viewers throughout the state

Preliminary planning has begun for coverage of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation board meetings beginning September 24-25. Subsequent meetings in December and early in 2008 are slated for production in anticipation of the continued presence of APFC on 360 NORTH.

On June 11 we recorded the first session of the Governor’s Health Strategies Council meetings in Anchorage. The council will meet monthly until culminating their work with recommendations to the governor and the legislature at the Public Health Conference in Anchorage during the first week of December. The monthly sessions will be recorded for delayed playback of all meetings later in the fall, closer to the date of the final conference.

These are two of the many programming initiatives moving forward for the fall launch of 360 NORTH that will help Alaskans better understand the public process in the state.

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